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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2010/09/21 13:43 JST in Dollfie

Weekly Ascii - the post popular computing/technology and trend weekly magazine in Japan which also covers anime, games, figures and gadgets too. For some reason I now have a regular column in Weekly Ascii starting next month and I would love to have my first 4 page article about Worldwide Dolls. The Chief Executive Editor Fukuoka-san is also a doll collector and thought it would be a good idea ^^;

If you are interested in having a short interview then post on figure.fm the following:-

  • Photo of you and your fave daughter/s or sons.
  • Photo of your girls/boys outdoors. If possible with a background that can identify what country you are in. For example can you get a photo of your girls sitting in front of Big Ben, Times Square, Petronas Towers, Merlion etc? If you cant then maybe look for somewhere with road signs or shop exteriors?
  • Post as many photos as you want and we'll choose some.
  • Can be any brand of doll.
  • No need to watermark photos as we provide you a credit in the article.
  • Please tag your posts with "ascii" *before* you upload the photos so that the original sized image will be saved on the server.

Copy and paste the following together with your photo entry. You can see an example over at Figure.fm. Name:
Website or Twitter handle:
Country of residence:
How long have you been collecting dolls?:
Why did you start collecting?:
Where do you adopt (buy) your dolls?:
How much money have you spent on your doll hobby?:
What sort of doll events do you attend?:
What are so special about dolls?:

Please have all your bits n pieces submitted by the 1st of October. I know there are many doll owners out there but only have 4 pages to feature as many as I can. If you are not picked then please wait for a future publication that I'm trying to get approval for - "Worldwide Dolls" ^^
You can also see an example of what sort of mag ASCII is in the Samurai Sword post.

BTW, the photo is of dad, Saber and I snapped in Malaysia. He thinks Saber is a cutie as you saw from photos in the Malaysia Meetup post ^^;
Currently writing a post (book?!) on my dad and I which has taken many months so far - want to finish writing it this year! Should give insight into how our paths split for 15 years or so and how we recently got together to spend more time with each other than we've ever spent in our lifetime so far.