Japanese Sweets

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2009/09/04 09:08 JST in Japan

These are tins of candy drops with a load of bizzare tastes. Todays models are Nanoha, Saber and Ryomo.

First up are Ramen and Hamburger flavored candy drops @.@

Next up is Kaisen don (seafood) and Okonomiyaki @.@?

Then we have Kumamoto edition Tonkotsu Ramen and Nattou!

And how about some Rice Wine flavored candy drops?

Saw a load of these when in souvenir shops in Hokkaido. Great novelty to have around the house to give to guests and an flavor that can only be indulged in by getting some. They actually taste as advertised which is the odd thing as you expect the candy to taste sweet but all of a sudden you are experiencing Ramen for example.

You can get some of these at JList who have more flavors. They cost only 3.80 USD each and if you get 3 tins, you get 15% off.

Some traditional snacks can be seen in the Japanese Snacks article.