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Went to Ikea to pick up your table, chair and lamp today. Now that the office is ready for the 4th staff member, all that remains is to find you. Qualifications written up towards the end of the photo article.

The first step was to rearrange the office which I done last weekend and the next step was today - to go to Ikea to pick up the table etc. This is where the car comes in very handy indeed.

Seen a few folks stick neko mimi and rabbits ears on their helmets but didn't manage to take a photo until today.

Arriving at Ikea in the morning at about 10:30AM-ish. If you don't want to spend all day lining up just to pay then get there before noon.

Weekends are always packed.

This is one pillow case I would love to have! But alas they be not for sale.

Time for some brunch...

Checking out. They had just one salt container for all customers. *Generally* Japanese food places don't have salt or pepper on the table - they do have soy sauce though.
In the many cases where I asked for salt, the waitress usually comes out of the kitchen with salt on a small plate. Do try it when you are in Japan next - say "Shio Kudasai" (Salt Please).

And this was out lunch. Quite nice. One of the plates was 99 yen.

Lunch done, heading downstairs to get some lighting stuff.

Picking up the chair.

Waiting for the glass table with some 50 yen ice cream.

The Ike hot dawgs are very popular.

Time to load the car with out "loot."

The table just about fits in but we're squashed for the 30 min ride home.

Time to put everything together.

Vika Artur (4000 yen) are what I use as legs for the table.

And this is what it looks like 5 mins after.

And this is the 150cm x 80cm frosted glass table called Vika - 9000 yen.

Got a lamp to shine from under the table and some spare bulbs.

And the MIL lamp.

And here is your chair. Ah, well it was originaly going to be your chair but I decided to spoil myself and keep it for me ^^;

The Markus chair cost a bit over 20000 yen.

And this is the Markus chair completed. Very comfortable indeed. Reclines far back and locks.

If you believe that this should be your table then please send your resume to and attach your resume *in Japanese* for the following position:-

Technical Qualifications

I am looking for a seasoned front end web developer (for immediate-ish employment) who has backend experience and fits the description of the following to work for me at Mirai Inc:-
-Is proficient with PHP/ImageMagick and has experience working with templating systems.
-Has experience with API's like Amazon, Flickr, Twitter etc.
-Familiar with MYSQL and understand topics like MYSQL Injection.
-Has experience with XSLT or can look at the code and understand whats going on.
-Has experience in building web applications using the MVC model.
-Has experience with various version control systems.
-Is a Mac or Linux user or can easily manipulate these systems.
-Is experienced with frontend technologies such as CSS, HTML, JQuery.
-Has experience with Fireworks, Photoshop, Illustrator and Flash (parsing XML with Flash for example).
-Has experience with the command line.
-Has experiencing compiling, building and installing packages on unix systems.
-Has experience with server administration (VI, setting up Crontabs, Permissions etc).
-Has experience developing or using various CGM systems.
-Has a blog or twitter account or demonstrates a good understanding with the issues of these medium.
-Can demonstrate ability to produce mockups in Fireworks or Photoshop and export elements to XHTML.
-Mainly looking for a front end dev so if you are missing out on a few backend requirements then please still apply if you feel that you are a ninja on the frontend dev.

By looking at the above list you may have guessed that its a description of my own skill set - I need you to be my clone ^^;
Like many technical folk, my skills were self taught with our friend Google sensei. Tuition fee is free but you need to be motivated to self study and not be like Yui-chan from K-ON! in ep03 ^^;

Other Qualifications

-You need to be well versed in Japanese - at least JLPT level two or equivalent speaking/reading and writing skill. If you can read most of the Japanese version of this post then you qualify for this requirement.

-I'm not concerned with your educational background and don't care if you have been to school or not. Whats important is that you can demonstrate that you can do the job.

As a hiring manager at Amazon, I learned that previous education wasn't important and that the ability of the candidate to demonstrate that they could do something was key. I saw many hiring mistakes at Amazon of people with MBA's or PHD's - well educated but failed to perform.
I need people to be able to hit the ground running from day one.

Having said that, I'm not saying that its not important to go to school - I'm saying that education is not a criteria I take into consideration when deciding who to interview. How silly do I sound when I say "Ah! Shes Been to Tokyo University - she must be good."
Unfortunately most HR and Managers *do* take your previous schooling into consideration and put more weight on it rather than previous experience.

-However, if you are not a Japanese resident (has visa to stay in Japan permanently) then you need a university degree in a technical field as that's one of the requirements for a sponsored visa.

-I would prefer folks who are interested in Japan and Otaku subculture.
One of the reasons why I set up Mirai Inc was so that I can enjoy the remainder of my life while doing the stuff that I enjoy - and at the same time being involved with clients who produce stuff that I'm interested in - anime, figures, games and what have you.

If the candidate is interested in these subjects then she or he will enjoy the job even more and fit in better with our company culture.

Benefits etc

-Compensation is based on current level of experience.
-The standard benefits are covered including travel expenses, health insurance and pension.
-You will also get free figures, anime merchandise, games, gadgets and a lot more stuff that our clients throw at us ^^;
-Work location is in Meguro Tokyo.
-Working hours are from 10am to 6pm.
-No overtime pay as it is not expected.

As a manager at Amazon, I drew a pie chart that my staff started to call "Danny's Pie" which if you say very fast could be made to sound like "Dannys Oppai."

The pie is divided into three - each piece is 8 hours. Presuming that you work 8 hours and sleep for 8 hours then you have 8 hours remaining which is one slice of the pie. I then start to cut up the remaining piece.
The 8 remaining hours is needed for things like personal hygiene, nourishment intake, health care (very important), cleaning, commuting and other chores which are important in life but generally don't contribute a whole lot to your career or personal development.

If you subtract the time needed for all the above from the final piece of the pie then all you would have left each day is 4-ish hours which you need to use on spending with friends/loved ones, entertainment/recreation and personal development - learning a new subject, beefing up current skills, researching etc.

Now imagine that you spent more than 8 hours at work. In order to do the other stuff, you would either have to sleep less or start to drop some of the other stuff. Some folks with long work hours drop "personal development" which I consider to be crucial to the development of an employees life, career and well being.

Its is in my interest to make sure that my staff are of good well being and just as happy as I am with work and life.

-You will also get to network with the top players in the Japanese Internet space, anime, figure and game companies, TV production crews etc. Growing your network is extremely important when building your career.
While I would love for you to work with me for as long as possible, I am under no illusion that you will. I shall encourage and support you to build your career and mentor you so that you can also reach your destinations in life. I want to make sure that Mirai Inc provides you with the environment that enables you to grow and have a load of fun at the same time.

Company culture

We work hard and play hard at Mirai Inc and beleive that we are making a difference in the Japanese Internet field.
We are looking for somebody who has a bright personality, is not afraid to ask and knows when she or he is wrong.

We need candidates to question current processes and speak out to provide alternative solutions as to how things can be changed for the better.

Mirai Inc members frequently appear in magazines, on TV and give talks to large audiences. We need somebody who does not mind representing us from time to time in these mediums.

Apart from the coding, we do other things like attend figure, anime and other otaku subculture events. You may be asked to go with press pass in hand to cover the event. If you are interested in Otaku subculture then doing this would not feel like work - even though it is ^^

As a small company, there may be other chores that I may ask you to do. My personal chores include cleaning the staff toilet, hoovering the floor, polishing the tables and dusting down the girls. You may be asked to fold boxes from the daily sample arrivals for example. I'll continue to do the toilet cleaning for the foreseeable future though ^^

I have always employed open communication since my years at Amazon. This means that we all agree to say whats on our mind no matter what it is - especially for sensitive subjects. Open communication means that we avoid misunderstandings and feel better about something that maybe nagging in our minds.
Employees are required to speak their minds on any subject no matter what it is.


You will be working in a team to build a product that wants to change Japanese Internet history - the name of the product is Mirai Gaia.

I cannot acknowledge receipt of all resumes received. If you don't get contacted by me it doesn't mean that you don't meet the requirements - because you *will* meet the requirements otherwise you wont be sending me your resume. I will file all resumes and consider candidates for future openings.

In the near future I will be looking for Account Managers and Program Managers but please do not send resumes for these positions - you have not seen the job description yet ^^

I think thats about it - am I forgetting something? Probably so just ask in the comments and check the comments before asking.
We look forward to working with you!

The view to my right - yes you sit next to me ^^; My farts have been hax0rd to disperse at a radius of 50cm so you are safe ^^;;

And this is your view. Plenty of space for your figures.

View from the doorway.

Tunnel O wires.

Chris sits here.