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K is an original animation project created by the GoRA, 7 masked authors, who have carefully drawn up a story that includes the unique writing ability of each of the 7 members. The animation is done by 'GoHands' , the same studio behind Mardock Scramble. The show is directed and features character designs by Shingo Suzuki , and features music from Mikio Endo (Guilty Honey) and animation direction by Makoto Furuta (Seitokai Yakuiindomo)
K begins airing 2012/10/05 1:30AM JST on MBS.

The story is set in a slightly different modern day Japan where there are 7 Kings, each with their own feuds and alliances. A young high-school student, Isana Yashiro, somehow finds himself involved in a battle between people with unbelievable powers.

Main Characters

Take a look at the official character page to see the full cast which has lots of good looking boys and girls. The CM below has a sample of the main characters' voices for the curious.

If the videos above were eaten, try this search query for the PVs and this query for the commercial on YouTube.

The OP is KINGS by angela which will be available 2012/10/24. You can have a listen in the video below. The ED is Tsumetai Heya, Hitori by Komatsu Mikako
There is also loads of K goodies to check out on the official website.

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Me and King Records (the folks handling the release of K) at Anime Festival Asia Indonesia on stage talking about K ^^;