K-ON! PC Decoration Stickers

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2009/09/21 11:12 JST in Anime

These K-ON! Stickers will be available from Cospa in October and retail for 2000 yen.

The sticker pack somes with a large A4 sticker and smaller ones to cover up the crappy ones that come with your computer.

Would look great on the back of my MacBook Pro!

Available from Geestore.

Speaking of which, Cospa and I are making Mirai-chan merchandise.
Cospa are planning T-shirts, fans and Happi which is a traditional Japanese garment.

I'm also putting in recommendations for these PC Decoration stickers and shower posters.

Have a look at Nijigen Cospa and Gee Store and let me know what other Suenaga sister merchandise you would like.