Korean Rayforce

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2009/10/24 19:27 JST in Anime

An article at This Is Game covers how a spokesperson for T3 said that many Korean kids like heroes and toys which they discover through Japanese Tokusatsu which is a shame so they decided to produce Rayforce.

Rayforce is being targeted at ages 4-14 and that there will also be games from the series too. Rayforce will be on air in Korea from next March.
And I'm glad I can still read Korean even though I haven't used it for ages ^^;

Higher quality vid at Extmovie or YouTube below.

Posted by Double H at Figure.fm via Henshin Justice with more from this Korean search result.

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Now I have something interesting to watch to improve my Korean - and not the lovey dovey dramas that wifey watches from time to time ^^;

이것으로서 나의 한국어공부는 더욱 즐거워집니다〜