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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2011/02/26 12:41 JST in Mascot

While Chinka is in OVA production mode (hint as to how its progressing in this post), Mirai Fusion is working with Nitroplus on Japanese learning videos featuring Mirai Suenaga.

Mirai-chan is the virtual idol that will be teaching you the basics of learning Japanese and today we take a look at the first video which is about learning Hiragana. The video will teach you what Hiragana looks and sounds like - do try to remember them all!

Hiragana have a particular stroke order but if you are in a rush to learn as much Japanese as possible (like I was), then I recommend to forget about learning the stroke order - I personally feel that if you can write the characters so that they are recognizable then you should get by like I did.

Visual effects and animation is done by Tony Lymboura, 3D Engineering by polygon bangcho at Nitroplus and final cut editing/production is done by me ^^;
Mirai-chan finally has a voice which is done by an up n coming seiyuu Utaco. The Japanese learning videos will feature Utaco's cutesome voice but in the anime we will hear her is-going-to-kick-7-shades-of-poo-out-of-your-gut voice.

And Mirai finally gets a personality too as follows:-

  • Name: Mirai Suenaga
  • Birthday: March 3rd
  • Height: 165cm
  • 3 size: B86cm W58cm H85cm
  • Age: Forever sweet 17
  • Blood type: Unknown (has rare DNA)
  • Eldest daughter of the Suenaga family
  • Honest and diligent
  • Bright personality
  • Kind and gentle. loves to help others
  • Often jumps up and down when she's happy about something
  • Always wants to try out new stuff that she's curious about regardless of the outcome. Sometimes will end up dropping, breaking or unintentionally hurting somebody ^^;
  • As Mirai is an honest girl, she often believes anything she's told.
  • Hobby is collecting Japanese swords and often swings them about in her room while watching samurai movies.
  • In the story Samurai Generations and Mirai Millenium, we often see Mirai's serious side as she battles with evilness to protect her younger sister Haruka. Mirai's main weapon in both timelines is the Japanese sword.
  • Interests are Japanese swords, cats, archery and taking photos of roadworks.

Hmmm, she almost sounds like Nanami-chan ^^; I guess that's how I like my girls?

Might as well mention it now - keep your mince pies peeled for any up n coming anime titles for cameo apperances of Mirai-chan ^o^

Anyway, back to the topic. How many of you know the complete set of Hiragana?

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