Life sized anime character

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2005/09/27 08:24 JST in Anime

So I promised more Otaku stuff over the weekend and hopefully - this is the first you are reading about this.
So I know a lot of you are into Anime but are you *really* into Anime? I mean really really into Anime? Well the Japanese *are* and here is some more evidence of how much they love the stuff.
You know that you  can buy character toys of your favorite Anime heroin or mecha but why stop there - you can now have your own life sized Anime character egging you on while you work at your desk - all for a measly laughable 250,000 yen about 2,500 USD.
Papermoon is the company brining these lovely ladies into the Otaku/Moe market and you can see more at their website. Many of the characters are from popular Anime series such as Asuka from Evangelion and there are also some characters from other rather obscure titles.
Many of these dolls come with option accessories such as sweaters, underwear and other strange objects....
Images from PapermoonAbove: One of Papermoons Anime characters on display.Above: More characters on display and Otaku in the background.Above: Maid uniforms are very popular with Otaku. If you get yourself along to Akihabara, you will see maid cafe shops all over the gaff where girls dressed in maid uniform serve up cakes and stuff - I have yet to visit one but may have to just for the sake of brining my readers interesting news.Above: The character on the right costs 236,250 yen ( about 2,365 USD), is 166cm tall and takes sized 24 shoes (japanese size). Most of these characters are made of fabric.Above: The next time you are in Akihabara, you can probably pick up one of these and stick it in your suitcase. Although if somebody sees you doing it, they may get the wrong idea.