Live Blogging

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2009/08/26 22:55 JST in Japan

To let you know that I added a new feature called Live Blogging which enables me to update the site just by sending an email from my iPhone.
You can see my latest posts under my news items. The aim of this is to bring you more of Japan more often as it happens. You can see all my previous posts in the paginated view.

I'm recruiting some high profile Japan bloggers and social networkers to live blog too. You will get coverage of places like Akihabara as it happens for example.

Tomorrow I will be taking a 6AM flight (lovey) to Hokkaido for a business trip and will try to take some time out at the same time. Will be blogging my journey in the Live Blogging section and of course post photos from the Lumix and SLR in the evenings.

Am trying to decide which figma and nendoroid gets to be in all the photos ^^;

Folks who subscribe to the RSS feed will see the live blogging posts blended in with the usual posts.

The way it works is that I send a photo to my Flickr account - they Tweet it to my Twitter account and Mirai Gaia Feed Fusion reads in the photo from Flickr using their API. Mirai Gaia then blends the normal RSS feed together with the Flickr feed. Rather useful ^^;