M6 earthquake hits Tokyo

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2005/07/24 09:57 JST in Japan

An earthquake measuring a staggering magnitude of 6.0 shook Tokyo and the surrounding areas this afternoon.
Transportation in Tokyo ground to a halt and telecommunications for mobile carriers NTT and AU went down for a few hours.

Young entrepreneur Danny Choo of Meguro-Ku Tokyo who was practicing spoon-bending-with-the-power-of-the-mind at the time said "You know the rumbling that you hear in films when there is an earthquake? I thought that was just added in to enhance the visuals.
I heard a rumbling and thought it was just the UFO that flies by occasionally but then the rumbling started to get louder and the house jolted up and down. I was on the 3rd floor of my house and was shitting seven shades of bricks - All I could think of was 'I need to get to my Strike Gundam - if my house falls down, I will have to spend another few days making another one.'
T'was one of the most scariest experiences in my wee life. That darn earthquake knocked down some of my Fix Figuration Gundams and I had to spend at least five seconds reposing them - grrrrrr. The colorful bricks came in handy however as I needed to fence off the flowers in my garden."