Macross Nyan Nyan Set

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2009/08/31 08:33 JST in Anime

For a laughable 4200 yen (42 USD), you can get this Ranka Ramen and Sheryl Sausage pack online at Megatreshop.

You can bet that you are getting value for money as you get *two* (count em) packs of Ramen.

And how about the sausages? *Three* ! That's right folks - three whole sausages.

What do folks at Itai News have to say about this?

Taking the pee out of Otaku
Daylight robbery
Not worth 420 yen
Real Otaku wont eat it - they will just display it
Is that Ranka pupil I see? > Hmmm, thats nice.

And this photo was posted in the Itai News comments of how otaku are ordered to spend their money on Anime merchandise.

Are you spending more or less these days?