McDonald's Food Strap

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2010/08/25 12:27 JST in Dollfie

Recently found out that one of my comrades does some marketing work for McDonald's Japan. She asked me whether I was collecting the Food Straps that we saw in the previous Tokyo Fast Food post.
Told her that it was tough super sizing my meals to L size each time and that I only had the fries and Big Mac. She said that she would send some over for me.

I was just expecting the set of 5 but what arrived was a box of 47 of em!

Hope my girls don't get too fat eating these. I just realized that these are great marketing items too. Whenever I look at them, more often than not I would feel like eating some Mc Dee's ^^;

Will be giving these out to doll owners on my next visit to Hong Kong this October and Singapore this November. Hope to have some left for a TBA visit to the UK this December. Will announce meetup locations through my Twitter and Facebook.

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Lots of juicy buns. 5 of em. Om nom nom.