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Here are some mecha and "other" stuff from Chara Hobby 2007.
First up is Optimus Prime with a Gundam Zeta head - not sure why...

Optimus Prime bust.

Classic design StarScream.

Name that transformer and what does it transform into.

Bumblebee being dragged along in a diorama.

Gorgeous Evangelion model. Looking forward to the movie out soon.

Chibi Eva characters.

Votoms. Have not seen any of the Votoms shows at all so cant appreciate the designs. I never see people blogging about Votoms..

1/1 scale Scope Dog.

Another awesome Eva machine.

Love the colors.

Armored Core machine.

Name that thing.

Vifam. Never seen the anime but like the design of this mobile suit.

I think these are from Wings of Rean. They tried to cram too much info into the first EP and was totally confusing for me - dropped it.

Classic Prime.

Batou n green Uchikoma. Would love some more Ghost in the Shell.

Weathered keroro units. I never see people blogging about Keroro either.

Keroro unit variation.

Name that mecha - from Super Robot wars?

Me thinks Super Robot wars but could be wrong.

Name that mecha. Gah - its on the tip of my tongue. The name "midori" appears in my head.

Name that mecha.

FF mask.

Would make awesome cosplay.

GITS copters.

Tachikoma and Uchikoma.

Name that mecha.

This was among the Gundam kits. Hmmm. Got the urge to go play Gundam Musou ^^;

Name that Kamen Rider.

Name that Sentai/Kamen Rider ?

Name that Mecha. Looks like I need to do more mecha study ^^;

Looks like there is a new Kamen Rider film coming out.

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