Merry Christmas 2010

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2010/12/25 14:25 JST in Mascot

Mirai Suenaga from the Mirai Millennium Universe wishes you all a Berry Merry Christmas! Illustrated by our Anin Tofu sensei.

Nanoha and Aoi-chan also wish you a Merry Christmas too. Hmmm. Looks like they've got something for you...

Take your pick.

Dollfie Xmas gear by Puppy Dolls.

What is you being doing on this festive day? We went out for the evening last night and today we is being doing some spring cleaning and also some work. Preparing everything that the studio needs next Monday for filming the 1 hour special of Culture Japan. Have been working on the 3rd floor lately as the first floor is dark n dingy.

Also uploaded the original 2000px x 2985px PSD file to MediaFire - feel free to download and play around with it.