Mirai and Kako

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2007/06/12 18:39 JST in Mascot

The fanart for Mirai and Kako continues to come in. Today we look at the latest three. The last image in this post is NSFW ^^; Above: First up is the work of Johnny (http://www.flickr.com/photos/7726098@N08/). A day out for Mirai and Kako. Notice the lolipop. Thanks Johnny! Above: Composed by SG (http://SaviourG.deviantart.com) of loli Kako. Another lolipop. I'm not an expert on loli but wondering if a lolipop is synonymous with loli? Thanks SG! Above: Composed by Wildarms Heero (http://blog.mistakesofyouth.com/). Apart from being an expert advisor on all things ero, Wildarms is also a manga artist and has recently had his work published in Otaku USA magazine. Thank you Wildarms!

BTW, Mirai's page is fully manual at the moment and takes ages to update - needs modifying so that I can add fanart within a few clicks. Will get to it after I finish all the caching optimization for the site and add all fanart that I have received up until now.

As for the next Mirai/Kako piece, I'm thinking of either a dakimakura pose or some sort of battle pose for Mirai or the first image of Kako. Still have not decided ^^;