Mirai Bikini Final Ver

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2007/02/21 16:47 JST in Mascot

Received these this morning from Amazmiyuko sensei and got so excited and thought I should share my excitement with you. Adding a few tweaks to these images but they are pretty much final.

Now for a Japanese language lesson...
Otaku commonly use the term "B-Chiku" for erm "nipples". B-Chiku is a play on words type of thing and derives from the word Chikubi which is the real term for "nipples". Now, While Chikubi is written as 乳首(ちくび), B-Chiku is written as B地区(Bちく). The kanji used for B-Chiku however, means "B Ward" or "B District". So thats another otaku vocabulary that we will use from now on around these parts ^^;

I originally didnt request B-Chiku but the first drafts came in with them enabled and I thought "hmmmm!"
Would you like the final versions to include B-Chiku? Above: Shy version with B-Chiku enabled. Will make the cheeks a bit more reddish ^^; Above: Shy full version Above: B-Chiku disabled version ^^; Above: Outline pre production version