Mirai Bikini Ver

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2007/02/11 20:20 JST in Mascot

Just thought I would show you Azamiyuko sensei's progress of Mirai-chans bikini version. There will be a few tweaks to what you see below. I'm just wondering which version of Mirai I should choose to make into a figure ^^;
This is the latest version below.Below: This was the first version. As you can see from the latest version above, I had the legs done longer and hips bigger ^^;Below: And this is the first fan art I received of Mirai from Yoshimu-san. I will stick this in Mirai-chans page and any other fan art of Mirai that I receive - as long as its not tooo ero ^^; Panchu ones like this one from Yoshimu-san is OK.Below: This has got nothing to do with this post but something that I rolled out yesterday. Its the recent active members list. Whenever you make a new Otakurl, Otalink or comment post, your avatar goes to the top of the stack.
That is just a list of *recent* active members - its not a ranking of any form. If you are half way down the list, it just means that many members have made a post since you last made your post. If you make another post, you will go to the top of the list.
Soon you will be able to create comrade lists, converse directly with other members, list your unwanted figures in the classifieds, and much much more!I'm in the middle of redesigning the top page and need more of your feedback in the polls about those "send this to a friend" links that you see when you browse the net...