Mirai Suenaga

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2007/02/02 17:02 JST in Mascot

Thanks to all who came up with naming suggestions for our new mascot character. Many of them were good and the one that nearly made it was Chu-tan (Chu meaning "kiss" in Japanese). The suffix "-tan" however gives the impression that the person is young - *very* young.

After thinking about it day n night and during important meetings at work, I decided to name her Mirai Suenaga.
Coming up with a name for a character is tough as it has to sound decent, have a meaning and for people to find out about the character easily, there should be very little search results. After an image search for Chu-tan in Japanese, many pictures of cats showed up! BTW, a search for "mirai suenaga" or "末永みらい" (her name in Japanese) brings up zero results in Google.

"Mirai" ((未来)みらい) means "Future" and is also the name of my sole proprietorship in Japan which is the beginning of my future company. BTW, I will be writing about how one can set up a sole proprietorship in Japan so that people on working visas can go about doing business here.
"Suenaga" (末永(すえなが)) means "Eternal" and is also used in a sentence that couples say to each other when they get married. They devote themselves to each other.
I want to devote my life to my future and make sure that everything I do everyday makes a contribution towards my next goal of starting up a company in Japan.
So there you go! Lots of meaning to her name ^^;

I have set up Mirai-chans page where you will find some banners of her – feel free to use them. If I notice you driving traffic to my site, I will return the favor and link back to you.
You can find the image in this post in the wallpaper pool but it looks a bit rough as I threw it together in excitement after I decided on Mirai's name ^^;