Mirai's Tachie

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2007/04/19 19:59 JST in Mascot

Now that I have moved the whole site onto the spanking new Nav2.0 platform, the header on each page is in need of different Mirai-chan poses.
While Azamiyuko sensei and I work on her other costumes here are 7 new poses of Mirai in her sailor uniform which you will soon see randomly appear in the header.
These types of poses are known as Tachie (立ち絵(たちえ)) and those who play eroge will be familiar with them. Basically, the main stance/clothes are the same with slight changes in facial expressions and hand gestures. Tachie usually show up when you are having a dialog with characters of the game.

Below: The "Mitsume" (見つめ) pose in this case meaning to "look at one who she likes" ^^; Adorable!Below: The "Bikkuri" (びっくり) pose which means "to be suprised (at something)".Below: The "Ase" (汗) pose. Folks who watch anime should understand this one.Below: The "Mutto" (むっと) pose. Mirai-chan is unhappy about something ^^;Below: The "Egao" (笑顔) pose. Slight variation from the current top version.Below: The "Naki" (泣き) pose. Don't this picture make you want to go give her a consolidating hug? Love this one!Below: The "Megane" (眼鏡) pose - every (nearly) anime has a character with glasses.Below: The current top pose. Wallpaper of the new poses soon.Below: And thanks to SG for the Mirai fan art - put this together with the other fan art in Mirai's page.Speaking of eroge, how many of you are interested in more coverage?