Moekana - ki

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2011/06/02 15:55 JST in Mascot

This is one of my faves - mirai-chan looks so sweet!

き (ki) for "kimono"

Following on from the previous hiragana in this Moekana series which was か, today we learn "き" (ki). Today's word is "きもの” (pronounced "kimono") which is a type of traditional Japanese garment. You can see more photos in the Japan Coming of Age Day post.

The katakana equivalent of "き" is "キ".
Today's model is Mirai Suenaga illustrated by Ikkyu-san.


You can use this in a sentence like:-
Kimi no kimono no shita mitai ze
I want to see whats underneath your kimono

You can use this on your teacher, boss or bosses wife.


Write out "き” 50 times on your best friends jacket using the skid marks from your underwear as ink and say "き” 20 times with a mouthful of curry while staring into the face of that best friend.

Any other word that begins with "き" that's otaku or Japan related that you can think of?

All Hiragana in the Moekana series will be tagged "hiragana"