Moekana - ko

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Today Mirai-chan gets to cosplay as our other mascot Nanami-chan - the diligent but clumsy high school girl who works for a construction firm part time.

こ (ko) for "kouji"

Following on from the previous hiragana in this Moekana series which was け, today we learn "こ" (ko). Today's word is "こうじ” (pronounced "kouji") which means "construction".

The katakana equivalent of "こ" is "コ".
Today's model is Mirai Suenaga illustrated by Ikkyu-san.


You can use this in a sentence like:-
igirisu no douro kouji wa eien no you ni tsuzuku mon dane
The roadworks in England seem to go on forever


Type out (not copy paste) "こ” 50 times on my Facebook Wall or tweet "こ" 50 times with an @dannychoo at the end while trying to say "こ" 20 times with one hand on your dolphin (male) or eyes (female).

Any other word that begins with "こ" that's otaku or Japan related that you can think of?

All Hiragana in the Moekana series is being tagged "hiragana"

And while we look at Nanami Yume, Would like to call upon your ideas for the Moekana set - we have already drawn a lot of these but can redo some depending on your ideas. Everything up until Ninja is done. Nekomimi and Happi is done too.
We definitely need to rethink ほ、み、め、よ、ら、り、れ. Preferably something that introduces Japanese culture or something otaku.

な   泣く
に   ニンジャ
ぬ   ぬいぐるみ
ね   ねこ・ネコミミ
の   暖簾

は   法被
ひ   日の丸
ふ   富士山

ほ   本

ま   漫画
み   水
む   胸
め   目
も   餅

や   焼き鳥

ゆ   雪

よ   夜

ら   ラジオ
り   リンゴ

れ   冷蔵庫
ろ   ロボット

わ   わさび