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Out n about relaxing under a cherry blossom are Mirai and co posing for today's Moekana. Real sakura photos can be seen in the posts listed up below.

さ (sa) for "sakura"

Following on from the previous hiragana in this Moekana series which was こ, today we learn "さ" (sa). Today's word is "さくら” (pronounced "sakura") which means "cherry blossom".

The katakana equivalent of "さ" is "サ".
Today's models are Mirai Suenaga, Haruka Suenaga and Kanata Hoshikawa illustrated by Ikkyu-san.


You can use this in a sentence like:-
Sakura no ki no shita de kimi to kiss shitai.
I want to kiss you under a sakura tree.

You can use this sentence on your best friends mum or dad.


Type out "さ” 50 times (not copy paste) into a blog entry while shouting out "さ” 20 times with two spoons up your nose.

Any other word that begins with "さ" that's otaku or Japan related that you can think of?

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