Moekana - shi

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2011/06/13 13:17 JST in Mascot

I love this one - Mirai-chan in front of a traditional Japanese castle about to head into battle in her Sengoku gear.

し (shi) for "shiro"

Following on from the previous hiragana in this Moekana series which was さ, today we learn "し" (shi) which is pronounced "she". Today's word is "しろ” which means "castle".

The katakana equivalent of "し" is "シ".
Today's model is Mirai Suenaga, illustrated by Ikkyu-san.


You can use this in a sentence like:-
Ore no shiro wa, omae no shiro yori kakkoii no sa
My castle is better looking than yours.


Make the shape "し" on the counter using fries at the nearest Mc Donalds and say "し" 20 times while looking into the face of the attendant.

Any other word that begins with "し" that's otaku or Japan related that you can think of?

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