More Eureka Seven

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2005/08/28 09:12 JST in Anime

I've mentioned it before and I may as well mention it again - Eureka Seven is the coolest thing since sliced fingers (ouch). Well you may have read about me babbling on about it before so I wont go into what the story is about but just wanted to show you a few shots from this groovesome anime showing every Sunday morning at 7 on MBS.
For those who think that getting up at 7 on a sunday morning is a bit too much to handle - then you can get yourself along to sites like and pay to watch all episodes up until now whenever you want online - each episode will set you back a whopping 105 yen (about 1 whole USD) and you can watch it in streamed in two speeds (500K and 2MB).

But before you decide to fork out your hard earned yen, you probably wan to have a peek at what Eureka Seven is all about - well you can! And here are the nitty gritty details...
Go to and you will see introductions for the first 4 episodes of Eureka Seven. Click on either of the two yellow buttons (depending on your internet speed) just under episode 1 and a window will popup. If you don't read Japanese, just fill in the few fields in that window with garbage and the email field with the standard Once you have done that, Episode 1 of Eureka Seven should start streaming.You have to have Windows Media Player installed though - did not work on Firefox Mac and I did not bother trying with Mac IE.

If for some reason none of that worked for you, you may be interested in this erm "rumor"...That Eureka Seven is making its way around the net as AVI files with English subtitles thrown in for good measure. Not sure how legal stuff like that is though and I haven't the foggiest as to where to get hold of them (yeah right)...

You can watch trailers for all episodes up until now in Real format - I tried this in OSX and it works - check out the trailer for the first episode and then get your self along to MBS's website to see the rest - they *are* very short though...Above: Some of the Eureka Seven cast.Above: LFO Nirvash and Renton.Above: Eureka pilots Nirvash.Above: Nirvash in action.Above: Most of the mechas in Eureka Seven ride these air boards which trails a stream of coolsome looking energy flowing doo dah.Above: Nirvash and the other LFO's in action (you cant really see them in this shot).Above: Gekko States flagship Gekko Gou . For some reason, programs in the morning (does not matter which channel) show the current time - weird. I know what the time is - I don't need to see it on the TV - especially when its spoiling the view.Above: These characters are yet to make an appearance but it looks like they too just happen to own cool Mechas.