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Located in the West of Tokyo is a ward called Nakano which is home to the Bushiroad Headquarters, Nakano Sunplaza and the Nakano Broadway shopping complex. Folks in the West of Tokyo who need to get hold of anime, manga, idol, figures, doll and doujin stuff can find a load at Nakano Broadway. Also discovered that there are a ton of places to eat too.

To get to Nakano Broadway, get off at Nakano station on the JR Chuo and Sobu lines and the Tozai line.

Was at Nakano a couple O weeks ago to watch Momoiro Clover at the Nakano Sunplaza. Tis the cherry blossom sakura season which were in full bloom - looked really lovely around the station.

The North exit is where you want to get out when you get to Nakano.

Gorgeous Sakura everywhere.

The tall building here being the Nakano Sunplaza.

After watching the girls in action, its time to explore Nakano Broadway a bit.

This is the long shopping arcade that leads up to the Nakano Broadway shopping complex.

Many restaurants are decorated with the sakura cherry blossoms.

Restaurants, pharmacies, hairdressers, music shops and wot not.

Bumped into a reader.

The place is much cooler spelled as "Nakano Broadwey."

There be a load of glass cabinets around the Nakano Broadway shopping center which contain rare goodies like these - telephone cards of idols. Mmmmm.

The railgun girls by Sega which are available as UFO Catcher goodies.

You can pickup some school uniforms here too. Would you be allowed to wear them in your uniformed school or do you have to wear standrd issued? Many high schools in Japan like Fujisawa High School gives students the option to wear pretty much what they like as long as it looks like a school uniform.

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More sakura around the corridors.

Mandarake is absolutely everywhere where you can get your grubby mitts on everything that's Japanese Pop Culture.

Must come back here when filming for the second season of Culture Japan TV. Currently working with Crunchyloll to make the first season available to you all.

Lots to see and spend your moolah on - you probably need a few hours in the shopping complex alone.

When inside broadway, take the steps instead as I think the escalators skip a floor or two leaving you confused like it did to me ^^;

We even get to drink some Sakura Latte at Excelsior Cafe.

That "Puchi Eva" logo looks too much like the Nendoroid Puchi logo.

This time decided to take a scenic route back to the station and discovered a load of restaurants absolutely everywhere.

Recently discovered that you can get shots like this even on a wide angle lens (7mm - 14mm) using the Lumix GF2 - turn on digital zoom x 2. Need to remove a wee bit of noise using Lightroom though.

Fastfood chain Lotteria. Not that many around compared to Mc Dees though.

Shio Ramen - I think I'll have some of that for dindins.


Nom nom.

Lots of small restaurants huddled together in the back streets of Nakano.

Plenty of personality among the old buildings, signboards and overhead cabling.

Poster for apartment rooms advertised for only 28000 yen per month at E-room Navi. What they don't mention on the poster is the extra 18000 yen that they charge as "membership." Still cheap though as they don't require key money, "gratuity" money or guarantor either. More about these terms in the Japanese Housing post.

Which of these ladies would you choose to keep you company on a ronery night? Read more about Japanese Hostesses.

Cuisine from all around the world available for noms too.

Another shot taken on the 7 - 14mm wide angle on 2 x digital zoom.

Ashita no Joe recently made it to the big screen as a live action movie.

Heading back to the station.

But before that, whats that smell?

Tis the smell of some Oyaki being baked - perfect for after dindins dessert. They got a load of filling ranging from azuki, custard and flavor of the season - sakura.

Oyaki is kinda like a dumpling which smells absolutely gorgeous.

The rotary outside Nakano back in 1955 (Showa 30).

How many of you can read this kanji?

I chose the flavor of the season which they obviously do for a limited period - sakura.

The smell alone is enough to get people queuing up - it worked on me!

Folks mingling around together under the sakura trees.

Slowly but surely, Japan is getting back up on its feet after the Tohoku Kanto Earthquake. Its up to each and everyone of us to do our part in helping Japan flourish once again.

This photo taken from the Nakano Broadway post where you can see more of what you can expect to see and buy.
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