Oppai Mouse Pad

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2008/12/01 07:30 JST in Eroge

This article is NSFW if you do not work in an oppai mouse pad shop. Please only proceed if you are over 18, look over 18, are good at pretending to be over 18 or want to be over 18. If you are reading via RSS, you may want to look under the table before scrolling down.

This is the lovely Yuki Hibarikgaoka from the eroge Buraban. See Yuki in action below.

Received this sample very recently from the good folks at HobbyLink Japan. Retail price was 3500 yen.

I think the reason why oppai mouse pads have that budge on the top left corner is so that one can place the mouse to one side and admire the view.

Much much softer than the Haruka Nogizaka mouse pad. Very smooth too ^^;;

Here are some other use cases for an oppai mouse pad. Useful as a head rest while taking a power nap.

You know those chilled eye pads that you stick in the refrigerator? The oppai mouse pad also doubles as an eye treatment product too - takes the strain away from tired eyes.

Her tanima is incredibly soft ^^;
"Tanima" = "cleavage" - good Japanese word to know for folks who are first visiting Japan.

Oppai mouse pad also triples as a finger exercising product. Why risk breaking your fingers typing - strengthen your fingers while working.
Speaking of which, Sankakucomplex has more use cases for an oppai mouse pad.

When you first get an oppai mouse pad, you need to train yourself to stop grabbing the wrong mouse. Training is tough and only the strong survive.

The print quality is extremely berry good indeed.

Spinzaku tells me that this is the way he wants to die.

Lulu and Spinzaku take a power nap.

The oppai mouse pad also quadruples as a foot rest. I'm beginning to appreciate the health conscious properties of this product.

For those who want to keep in shape on the move - the oppai mouse pad can be rolled up and carried around in ones coat pocket. Pocket O health. Awesome.

For those who are a bit shy using an oppai mouse pad at work can use it as an iPod/iPhone stand.

Why is it that animals can touch a ladies eyes without being slapped?

Satellite view of Yuki-chan.

And while we're at it, thought we'd take a look at some other mouse pads lying around. Thin plastic ones from Animate. So nice that I went and got another one.


Tecmo's Rio-chan.

Aquiarian Age - don't know her name. Tis my wife's mouse pad.

Comparison with my first oppai mouse pad of Haruka.

As you can see, she has smudged quite badly. Not sure whether this is because she was a 'freebie' that came with a mag and thus of lower quality, or whether all oppai mouse pads eventually smudge? Any Oppai mouse pad veterans here who can tell us?

Yuki oppai mouse pad in action.

And a look at the oshiri mouse pad of Sakura Nankyoku from Penguin Musume.

A bit hard this time - maybe because its oshiri?

Oshiri considerably smaller than oppai mouse pads - stole this from the Good Smile Offices.

Which one of these would you prefer to use at home/work?
Do you use some sort of mouse pad and if so what sort? I only started to use a mouse pad since getting this glass table which mice don't seem to work well with.