Oppai Purin

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2009/07/19 14:11 JST in Japan

A friend picked up a souvenir from the Niigata prefecture and chose this particular one because they had a feeling that I like oppai. Not sure what gave them that idea.

Yep - its Oppai Pudding or "Niigata Bust Pudding." At the top of the box its got "The Secret Pudding" in Japanese and at the bottom of the box it says (in English) "Only who knows this taste can really appreciate it."

Upon opening up the box, you are greeted with a nice 2D girl with a huge bra. Shes saying "Please eat it gently and kindly."

And upon gently peeling back the bra, you are greeted with her pink pupils.

The purin pudding comes with some caramel syrup - pour the syrup over her oppai and tuck in with the spoons provided - but becareful - she did say to be gentle with her.

Oppai Purin can be found at most prefectures in Japan and depending on where you go you can pick up different types - this Google image result should give you an idea of whats available.

And this is the person who ate it - more in the Giveaway post.