Orient Industries : Candy Girl

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2005/11/05 20:35 JST in Figures

So you have now seen 1/1 scale mechas, 1/1 scale anime figures and now some more 1/1 scale stuff from Japan...
Until I came to Japan, I thought that "sex dolls" all looked something like this.
Orient Industry have other ideas what these dolls should look like as you can see from these pics. For those of you who are lonely out there, you can pay a measly 620000 yen and order online where you can choose hair type, what sort of clothes you want for her etc. The box that she arrives in is 100cm × 100cm × 50cm and weighs 36Kgs - I suppose you can tell your parents that you ordered a ton of large books or something if they ask. And just like iPods, these dolls come with accessories which you have to buy separately...Above:Body parts are made of silicon and the chest has some sort of gel inside. If you really want, you can see the gel in action (scroll down a bit to see the flash movie)...Above: This is Ai from Orient Industry's Candy Girl series. I guess she doesn't talk much but will probably do anything you erm say. You can see more of her at Orient Industry's page.

Now, if you are waiting for payday and are in need of some company and insist on a Candy Girl, you can always pop round to Akihabara and rent one. PureDoll is the company offering this service and it looks like they already have 3 shops.
It costs 1000 yen to become a member, 1000 yen to rent a room on site and another 10000 yen to spend 90 mins with a Candy Girl of your choice.
Above: When Orient Industries get these to move and talk, you will be the first to know.
All images from Orient Industries.