Osaka Curfew

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2006/02/02 22:03 JST in Japan

Osaka residents under the age of 16 are rather miffed - understandably. The authorities in Osaka yesterday passed a law preventing teenagers from entering facilities like karaoke lounges, game centers and according to the news this morning - they may even extend this to prevent them from entering convenient stores such as AMPM and Seven Eleven!
"wtf?!" I hear you murmur. This is part of the (here goes crap sounding translation) "Teenage healthy upbringing law" (青少年健全育成条例) which has been implemented to "protect" teenagers.
To enforce this, Osaka have dispatched some boys in blue to make sure that establishments are not letting in under sixteens - and if they do, they would be fined about 300000 yen. And for the teenagers who get caught - they would probably just get a verbal bollocking and sent home.

All this could just be Osaka's solution to stop the drug problem amongst teenagers - rather than stamp out the supply - they are trying to stem the demand.
Mentioned it a while ago but Shibuya for example is ridden with drug sellers and the police dont seem to want to do anything about it - would not be surprised if Tokyo implements some sort of curfew. Also would not be surprised if people ignored it.

Below: Dotonbori district in Osaka (image from Hunter College - will replace photo when I find time to get my ass over to Osaka one day)