Post Earthquake Tokyo - Akihabara

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2011/03/17 14:15 JST in Japan

Photos taken last night in Akihabara - 6 days after the magnitude 9 Earthquake hit East Japan. There were less folks out n about but that was mainly due to all the shops trying their best to save electricity by closing early - most were open for business as usual during the day. Hordes of folks are *not* running away from Tokyo.

At Musashikoyama station. The board tells passengers that lines are running at 80% capacity. Even still that's every few minutes at this time of night. I love Japan.

At Meguro station changing for the Yamanote line. Pollen count is high over the past few days which is why folks are wearing masks.

Arrival at Akihabara station. Everybody trying their best to get back into the rhythm of a normal life despite the tense situation with the nuclear reactors.

Many folks are out n about.

Akihabara station Electric Town Exit. Many shops are starting to close and others have signboards turned off to save electricity.

Radio Kaikan already closed.

The Gamers corner open for business.

As you can see the roads are not packed with cars filled with folks who are supposedly trying to escape.

Food places were also open as usual.

Many shoppers seeking otaku goodies.

Lammtarra - the one stop for health food.

Many shops around Akiba closed early for the day.

And this is where my meeting is - on the 8th floor of the Toranoana building. Toranoana do a load of doujin and character goodies.

New game from August - Aiyoku no Eustia was due out on the 25th of March but postponed to the 28th of April due to the quake. Lots of cuties in the game.

Many events have been canceled too like the Tokyo Anime Fair, Anime Contents Expo and Ita G Festa has been postponed.

Animate is a shop that you don't want to miss when visiting - full of anime goodies - figures at highly discounted prices too. More about what sort of goodies can be found at Akihabara listed up below.

In the Toranoana elevator which is plastered with cuties.

Tohou goodies.

Meeting up with the boss of Toranoana and some other folks including Endo-san from Ascii Media Works.

Meeting > Dinner > Head back to Akihabara station.

11 in the evening. I'm hardly ever out at this time of night ^^;

Yodobashi Akiba - the everything-under-one-roof place.

Train services typically stop at around midnight. If you miss the trains then the only way to get home would be a taxi. Be careful when taking taxi at night as some of the taxi's can charge 30% more than usual.

Despite the current situation with the nuclear reactors up North in Fukushima, folks in Tokyo are remaining calm and doing their best to just get on with life. As I write this, Japans Self Defense Forces are about to go into the reactors to try to cool down the pool of rods with some fire engines.
Being in Tokyo, the best I can do right now is to just get on with things and keep you up to date with whats going on. Most of my updates however go to my Twitter or Facebook account.

My thoughts are with the folks up North and the ones working at the plants trying to fix the situation who are sacrificing their lives to save Japan.

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