Post Earthquake Tokyo - Damage

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2011/03/17 01:21 JST in Japan

Continuing the earthquake coverage which is all being tagged "earthquake201103." I knew from speaking to folks like Steve Nagata in Tokyo that the place was going to be a mess when we got back to Japan. Steve's place was in a mess and even furniture moved around.

While I wasn't in Tokyo when the quake happened, in the 12 years that I've been living in Japan, I've only had about 1 figure fall over in a quake - and it probably wasn't even standing properly.

I'm not complaining or sad about any of the damage in our house though - considering the damage and deaths up North, I have no right to complain.

The 3rd floor on our house. As expected, a load of figures n boxes all over the place.

This is the 3rd floor when we left Japan.

And this is what it was like when we got back.

The following video taken by somebody in their room during the quake. Made me jump half way though.

Black Rock Shooter bites the dust. This is what she looked like before the quake.

Kitchen was a mess but I caused the most damage - by opening a cupboard. A glass fell out and smashed in the sink. Lesson learned - open cupboards slowly after a quake.

London destroyed.

Small bits of paint and parts all over the floor on second lounge.

My lovely Char Rhouseman looses her head.

The first floor had the least damage - presuming because the upper floors usually sway more during a quake.

Have no idea how these guys fell down so clean together like that - its as if they stepped down and lay down together @.@ One would think that they would fall forwards head first...

I always sit or lay my girls down when I leave the house in the event of a quake. They are unhurt but they've been in shock ever since and haven't spoken a word since we got back.

No damage on this side.

I thought these plants and all the gravel were going to be a gonner.

I was also expecting the worse for the tables and imagined them to have slid off the wooden legs and smashed into the floor together with all the macs ^^;

Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid Puchi also bites the dust.

Nanael fell but no damage.

I was very surprised that all of these didn't fall. Alter Mugi and Alter Yoko don't have stands either.

Bumblebee and Hotrod bite the dust.

Everything in the cupboard seems to be fine.

Figures waiting to undergo surgery. How many of you have experienced an earthquake and did anything around you break?

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