PS3 Tokyo Launch

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2006/11/11 13:55 JST in Games

Hecktic day ^^;
Got back home at 3AM after joining in on the line-up-in-the-cold-all-night fun and games tonite. Confirmed that my PS3 will arrive later today so didnt get to stay with the crowds (darn).
ellcy90 and I drove round to the various places that were selling the PS3 and this is how it went...

This is outside Yodobashi in Akihabara. I dont think people knew that Yodobashi were doing the PS3 because there were about 6 people in the queue and it was already 1AM. If you go now you may still be able to make it.
BTW, Neither Google or YouTube would take this short video clip of tonight's events so I just uploaded the raw AVI file - should play on yer mac or win machine.

Yodobashi Camera in Shinjuku. A few hundred people camped out. I would say 30% (?) were foreigners.

Sakuraya Hobby Kan - nobody lining up. Sakuraya were getting rid of their lot through a raffle.

Bic Camera Shinjuku - again nobody and again raffle.

Shinjuku Yodobashi Camera

After walking for a few minutes we see the end of line in site with the "Sold out" sign.

Then its off to Akihabara. This is outside Asobit City. They got 150 20GB models and 80 60GB models but there were way more than 230 people in line. The people at the back of the queue hoping that the folks in front would either die from the cold or get eaten by a starving person.

Akihabara Asobit.

This was the queue at Yodobashi Akiba - nobody! How come nobody knew?

Akiba Station at 1.30AM. Had to sneek in some Moe.
Dont forget to check out ellcy90-sans blog later for more pics. See you in a bit with the PS3 unpacking porn.