Sakuya Mode Violet

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2014/02/12 21:24 JST in Figures

Today we take a lookie at the up n coming figure Sakuya -Mode: Violet - due out in July but available for pre-order now.

Details of Sakuya by Alphamax listed up below.

  • Product Name: Sakuya -Mode: Violet- (サクヤ -Mode:ヴァイオレット-)
  • Series: Shining Ark
  • Original Illustrator: Tony Taka
  • Height: Approximately 26.5cm in height
  • Spec: Painted PVC 1/8th scale figure
  • Sculptor: 2%
  • Retail Price: 12800 yen (tax excluded)
  • Release Date: July 2014

If you fancy this Sakuya then you can try to track her down on one of the trusted online retailers below.


If you are a figure collector then there is a high probability that you have a Tony Taka figure in your collection - I have a few but they all seem to be ecchi ones ^^;