Satomi Sato

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2010/05/10 16:40 JST in Anime

My new TV slot has been titled "Culture:Japan" and the first special edition will be broadcasted on June 12 at 21:00 on Tokyo MX TV. Broadcasts will then follow all over Asia on the Animax Network.

This lovely lady is Satomi Sato - voice actress for Ritsu from K-ON! Satomi also doe the voice for the Chinka PV too which is one of the reasons why I requested for her to be on the show ^^;

Apart from looking at the videos of your rooms, we will be getting Satomi-san to say phrases of your request.
I personally would like to hear her say "May the force be with you" and "I am Iron Man" - in the voice of Ritsu!

If you would like to hear Satomi-san say something in particular, please leave details in the comments below like:-

Name: Danny Choo
Country of residence: Tokyo
Phrase: "These are not the droids you are looking for"
Question: "Some interesting question goes here"

If you want her to say something in Japanese then that's fine too! And if you want to ask her something then that's fine too.
We will be filming with Satomi-san on the 3rd of June and we are trying to get a place where we can fit in a small audience - all readers are invited to meet her! If we cant get a place then the filming will be at my office - minus the audience ^^;

Also, I would love to show your fanart of either Ritsu or Satomi-san on the show too!

If you would like to whip up some fanart that you would like Satomi-san to see and would not mind your work also being broadcasted on TV then submit your fanart or Ritsu figure/doll diorama/photography over at or and tag it "tokyomxtv."
Leave your name, age and country of residence too. Dont forget to leave a URL to be broadcasted with your work.

I wanted the name of the show to resonate the contents if one saw it in a TV channel listing. Titles like "Danny Choo Network TV" alone would probably give folks the @.@ look ^^;