Shiro Masamune

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A look at some suddenly acquired goodies from classics Apple Seed and Ghost in the Shell - both created by Shiro Masamine.

First up is Briareos Hecatonchires. Can never spell or pronounce his name correctly so always search for "Appleseed" and then look under "Characters."

The maker is Hot Toys and this poseable 1/6 figure of Briareos came out in 2007.

Retail price was listed for 24800 yen at Amiami.

The details are incredible. There is a plastic frame underneath covered by a rubber suit.

And on top of the rubber suit are bits of hard plastic armor. Love the details on the head.

And for those who dont know, these figures are based on the John Woo directed Ex Machina. I really liked it and recently watched it again after getting these figures ^^; Gorgeous 3D work.

Much of the armor, belt and thigh holsters can be removed and fitted on a Dollfie.

The gun holsters are very dodgy though - guns keep falling out and you need to remove the scope from the top of the gun.

This is the huge gun that you've seen Aoi-chan carry in previous photos. Gorgeous details - even has spring loaded parts.

Briareos comes with a stand but its a bit lame.

I think Briareos is the only male figure currently on display - Lulu, Spinzaku and the Gruesome Threesome are hibernating until the next Figma Theater. Do you have men figures in your collection?

I thought to myself how big Briareos was when he arrived - but now think hes tiny compared to the Dollfie daughters.

Not as poseable as a figma but good enough to kneel.

A scene from Ex Machina in the church.

Stuck a few of these in the Wallpaper Pool.

Also got Deunan in the same crate of figures.

Deunan is another Hot Toys figure and retails for 19800 yen over at Amiami where you can also see more pics.

Just like Briareos, Deunan comes with a rubber suit over a plastic frame which is then covered by plastic hard parts.

And just like Briareos, the detail is gorgeous. The Knife here is removable too.

The rubber suit does tend to pick up dust easily though.

Nice details on the gun which is also spring loaded.

Weapons unfortunately not big enough for a Dollfie though.

While Hot Toys do a good job of making the body making look like it walked straight off the film, the face is kinda off. The moe version in the film is much nicer. Hmmm. Maybe I can pull off the head of one of my moe figures and place it on Deunans body.

And her bottom looks a bit flat too.

Briareos with a-bit-out-O-focus Deunan.

Deunan does not quite manage to do the kneel pose though.

Also in the crate was the RAH Medicom Toy Motoko Kusanagi from the Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex series.

Livedoor are selling her for 17640 yen.

This poseable figure is also a frame that is covered in some sort of rubbery coated cloth type material which is quite thin.

Motoko comes with bits n pieces which strap onto her bod.

Lovely shaped eyes.

The sculpt of the face is fine but the eyes not painted to look like her in the anime.

The knife is not removable but the hand gun is.

Unlike the previous Hot Toys figures, the body suit cannot be removed without permanent damage.

The RAH easily does the kneeling pose.

Briareos and his harem.

Got this a while ago - Metal Alloy Tachikoma by Good Smile.

The Tachikoma comes with a load of accessories including a poseable Motoko figure, Gatling gun and a load more. Retail price is 17800 yen. And why is it called a Gatling gun? Because it was designed by a Dr. Richard J. Gatling in 1861.

The cockpit is made of plastic though. Some Tachikoma action below.

And this is what the cockpit looks like inside.

Kagami jumps in and rides off to school.

Size comparison with Dollfies and other figures.