Shower Poster

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2009/10/29 17:22 JST in Eroge

This is shower poster is of Izumi-chan from the up n coming Max Factory eroge Sekirara.

Built into the shower poster is the latest technology needed for otaku who live with their parents to be able to lead a healthy life.
Sekirara PV below.

As I was also once a wee young lad who was conscious with leading a healthy lifestyle, I know what its like to think of good hiding places for health material around the house. I hid material in the attic which was a pain as I needed to climb the ladder all the time - *and* the ladder was right outside my mums room!
Where do you hide your health material?

The age of no more hiding is here.
Otaku have no need to hide health material anymore - they can now hide health material in plain sight.
What family members wont know is that when you rub, sprinkle hot piping water or condensed milk on the poster....

Bits of the poster will start to fade away to reveal the treasure beneath...

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Folks will need to learn how to multi-task while performing health care - waxing two things at the same time. Folks who have two dolphins should be used to multi-tasking this way.

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And this is the hidden treasure below - "keep out" marks added by comrade Beyyang who I'm catching up with this weekend in Akihabara. If you are in Akihabara this Saturday then see you there at the Kotobukiya store 1PM.

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