Sky Girls

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2007/07/15 18:01 JST in Anime

You can probably guess how excited I am about the new series of Sky Girls from the amount of screenshots I took ^^;

UPDATE: Just added the OP for the new series to the Otavids section here and you can see the original OVA OP here.

After being attacked by creatures called Worms, Earth lost a third of its population. To rid the Earth of Worms, a decision was made to use weapons of mass destruction. The Worms were all destroyed but the Earth was left in ruins.

The story is set 10 years after the battle where 3 girls are brought together to pilot mecha suits called Sonic Divers (love the name) which transform into a plane looking object.
Otoha Sakurano (the girl with the shoulder length brown hair) is the girl-from-the-sticks-who-goes-off-to-be-mecha-pilot (just like Haruka from Xenoglossia). 16 years old and pilots the Reijin mecha.

Karen Sonomiya (the girl with the gray hair and cute pony tails) has an incredible IQ and is scared to talk to boys. Shes also 16 and pilots the Fujin Mecha.

Eika Ichijyo (the girl with the black hair) is the tsundere character and has the largest "eyes" out of the three. 17 years old and pilots the Raijin Mecha.

My fave bishojo/mecha anime was Xenoglossia but now it has to be Sky Girls. The animation quality is outstanding and the girls are awesomely cute. I think my fave is Karen but they are all lovely ^^;
I hope they keep the quality up. After watching the latest episode 2, I sought to watch the OVA which was released last year. T'was 30 mins of pure awesomeness.

If you love 2D girls, mecha, good animation then this should be on your watch list. I started to look for figures but couldn't find any. I'm sure Konami released some...