Sleeping with Hinako

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2010/01/03 11:02 JST in Anime

Do you have toraburu sleeping at night? Do you find yourself tossing(?) and turning due to the ronriness?
Or are you one of those who have toraburu waking up in the morning?
Well you is being in luck - Hinako-chan from the Training with Hinako (isshoni training) DVD is back with a DVD that will help you with your sleeping dilemma - Sleeping with Hinako.

The DVD (and Blu-ray) features the bubbly Hinako who will basically sleep and roll around as she does.
There are different scenarios that you can apparently combine together to watch Hinako sleeping, dreaming and doing other "stuff."

The idea is that you leave the DVD playing while you sleep meaning that you should never feel ronery anymore forever until the day you die.

What you can also do is set the DVD to play at a particular time in the morning to wake you up. Hinako will then wake up at the designated time and start talking to you with soft sweet words like "wake up you lump of sh*t before I whip your as*"

Folks can pre-order the Blu-ray version from Amazon for 2642 yen or the DVD for 2054 yen.

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As for me, I rarely have trouble sleeping unless there is something exciting going on the next day like a talk I'm giving or filming ^^;
Usually try to sleep at midnight and wake up 6 or 7. Many of my comrades however sleep at 3 or 4 in the morning only to wake up at 9 for the next day at work. Folks who work for the government usually start work at 9 but most other offices start the day at 10.
What time do you normally sleep/wake up?

Photos via AkibaBlog via FooBarBaz.

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