Smart Doll Guy

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2014/06/30 16:51 JST in Doll

Folks who follow any one of my social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) will not only be getting regular updates but also know that I'm developing a Smart Doll Guy ^^;

Smart Doll Guy will be based on our Culture Japan character Eiji Seiun. Still don't know what to call the doll model but some have suggested Smart Dolphin.

Here are some screenies of progress so far.

I gathered that in the future, Mirai Frame would be used for a wide variety of applications so I designed it in a way which would make it easy for me to modify. I will be using it for the guy version too.
From the designs of Smart Doll Guy so far, the injection mold modification costs should be minimal.

Take a look at these screenshots and give me feedback - maybe use a tool like monosnap to better explain you requirements and leave links etc in the comments below or mention @MiraiRobotics which is the Smart Doll twitter account.

These images are not final and as this is all done in 3D, we can implement any changes needed.

I'm actually at Narita airport now heading to LA for Anime Expo and the reason why I'm posting this now is because I hope to get your feedback while I'm on the flight so that I can make changes as soon as I land. Hopefully i should have near final changes to show you at my AX panel this Saturday morning 9am in the events hall.

My goal is to finalize design, do the 3D printing in July and then start the silicone wax cloning and molds in August. We then should be able to make the soft vinyl parts in late August too.

Eiji will be Smart Doll 008 and is being designed so that he too can have the electronics stored inside of his body.

I know many BJD's have the pee wee modeled but I'm going to leave it as a modest bulge instead ^^;

I think the legs look kinda odd (long) in this screenshot but you tell me.

Oh, nearly forgot to mention that I'm planning on making two models. One is Macho and the other will be Hoso Macho 細マッチョ] - "hoso" meaning "slim" like those FREE and Utapuri guys ^^ You can see the Macho Ver in the top right corner.

Am now working on the head/face sculpt but lemme know what sort of face shape you like.

While I had a good idea of how I wanted to design the body for Smart Doll Girl, I've never had my fancy tickled by a guys body which is why I'm asking for your feedback.
If I listened to absolutely everybody however, he will probably end up with ten arms and a beer belly so I will vet the feedback and make the final decision.

And for those who have not already done so - check out the Smart Doll website to see how I bootstrapped the Smart Doll business.

Latest renders showing joint position and shorter legs - feedback please!