Smart Doll Manual Version

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Smart Doll Manual Version (MiraiFrame)

Mirai Smart Doll Manual Version together with the MiraiFrame. Many of you wanted me to sell it fresh out of the injection moulding machine attached to the runner - your wish is my command. But to make it look a wee bit better, I designed some mecha hands and a "head" to go with it.

The head and hands have just been printed on the office 3D printer to see if they look ok with the rest of the body which is why its transparent resin but I'll be modifying the master mold and the final product will all be skin color.

There are still a few gaps in this frame but its still only T2 right now - T3 should be ready on the 20th for more testing.

Smart Doll Box

Currently designing the boxes for Smart Doll - these are just mockups and the material will be different. I'm having the girls sitting down instead of standing up as they get tired when on their feet for too long ^^;

Having them sit down also means we can have a shorter box - I'm not a fan of the long doll boxes out there now. The Smart Dolls sit down on a small accessory box which is filled with clothes, shoes, wig etc.

I'm also planning on having a sheet of plastic to cover the box so that the dolls can also be displayed in the box like a display case - looking into feasibility and costs now.


MiraiFrame - injection molding nearly complete. This is currently Prototype T2.

Mirai & MiraiFrame

The plan is to have Smart Doll be able to battle each other in a game of Acchi Muite Hoi.

Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll Eyes

I'm really happy with the way Mirai's eyes turned out ^o^

Smart Doll Roadmap soon

Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll 001 - to be sold first in Malaysia and then Indonesia, Singapore, America (AX2-14 specifically) and more - will release a roadmap as soon as I can ><

Smart Doll at the World Mobile Congress

I'll be speaking at the world's largest exhibition for the mobile industry - World Mobile Congress this Feb 26th in Barcelona.
Last years speaker was the founder of Foursquare Dennis Crowley. For some reason I've been invited as this years speaker to talk about Mirai Suenaga Smart Doll ^^;

Smart Doll Stand

Smart Doll Manual Version has a fixture in the back which allows it to do mid air poses without a clumsy looking "C" shape stand holding it up by the armpits.

Smart Doll Stand Material

The fixture in the back is removable but allows a stand to be mounted which allows dynamic poses like this one.
The frame is made from durable Polyoxymethylene - the following blurb about this material copied from WIkipedia.

Typical applications for injection-molded POM include high performance engineering components such as small gear wheels, ball bearings, ski bindings, fasteners, knife handles, lock systems, and model rocket launch buttons. The material is widely used in the automotive and consumer electronics industry. The M-16 rifle's stock and other parts are made of it.

MiraiFrame Doubling as Powered Suit for Figma's

Hmmmm. Now considering adding fixtures so that you can mount a figma on the MiraiFrame and use it as a powered suit ^^;

Smart Doll Box Sample

This is how I've designed the box for Smart Doll. Mirai sits on a box that contains her accessories and will initially tied down by a ribbon at her ankles and waist which will hold her in place.

There is an acrylic sheet that will together with the box act as a case which you can use to display on your desk. Feels a bit more easy to carry around than a long thin box.

Smart Doll Production Studio

The Smart Doll production studio is set up on our first floor ^o^
I'm responsible for cutting all the flash from the soft vinyl outer shell while my man Vincent is working on the MiraiFrame.