Steve Chen

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2007/10/26 09:18 JST in Japan

Hector and I were invited to a private party held by YouTube called "YouTube Mix" a few hours ago in Omotesando.
There we had the opportunity to mingle and mix with a load of folk in the industry and listen to YouTube's up n coming promotion plans.
This first picture is of me with a wonky brow (because I dropped the helmet), Hector and the co-founder of YouTube - Steve Chen.

Another snap with Steve below. Listening to him talk about the early startup days at YouTube gave me that warm tingling feeling as I thought about my company Mirai Inc and how business is booming for me at the moment - the future is incredibly exciting. Look forward to sharing it with you. Quite knackerd at the moment from the YouTube party and a session of video shooting of Tokyo Dance Trooper in Shibuya which is why I'm going to keep it short tonight.
Leaving you with some idols who were part of YouTube's promotions. More photos and video footage on this event from Hector and I probably tomorrow night.