Summer 2009 Anime

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2009/05/14 03:56 JST in Anime

The Summer season is soon upon us - will you need to be making more space on your HDD for it or are most of the shows a load of boo boo?
For me, just from glancing at this lot, I'll stick Tokyo Magnitude (cos I love Bones) and Taisho Yakyu Musume (cos I love JC Staff) on my list.

Tokyo Magnitude PV below.

Taisho Musume below.

I'll probably try some Aoi Hana too.

How many on your watch list? And what do you do with all your anime collection anyway?
Do you delete for new series, copy to DVD, backup to external drive or? I only keep the series that I'm fond of but don't bother to burn to DVD - just keep increasing number of drives and RAIDS.

Via Melonpan. What s the story then? Has he given up on Moe or was that post just for laughs?