POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2009/10/26 21:18 JST in Japan

Tetsujin appears in the middle of Ginza controlled by NTT Docomo services. Like the end of the commercial when hes flying.

NTT is a telecommunications company who provide phone communications for the whole of Japan. They offer a load of services from the dog n bone (phone) to 1GB optic fiber internet connections to mobile devices.

We first started off with Docomo and then switched to AU mainly because the Docomo mobiles had very very bad designs and features.

After switching to AU, the AU mobile design and features then started to lag with the times. We switched to Softbank just for the iPhone 3GS.
One of the great things about the iPhone is that most of my comrades own one meaning free calls during the business day. Its actually from midnight to 9PM the following day though I think.

What carrier are you using in your neck of the woods and are they your recommended carrier or are they shafting you?

Also, what sort of pay-as-you-go options are available where you live? I'm going to be in Singapore next month and need a sim card for the week. Still plan on that Canada trip (dont know when) and will need one when I get there too.