Tilt Shift Tokyo

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2011/12/02 23:53 JST in Japan

Photos taken around my neighborhood in Musashikoyama, Meguro. Whenever I get hold of a new camera, I need a few months to get used to it - or it needs a few months getting used to me ^^; Lately I got myself a Sony NEX-5N and am taking as many photos as possible to learn what sort of settings I need and in what sort of environment/situation I should be using them.

The NEX-5D has a "Miniature" setting which creates interesting tilt shift effects without me having to open Photoshop or do any post processing at all. Most of these photos are taken with auto ISO - night shots tend to automatically set to 3200 which is why the sky is a bit grainy. Took some photos today at 800 ISO with much better results and no blur.

Will do a review of the NEX-5N after I use it for a bit. Expecting the macro lens to arrive soon. What camera are you using?