Tokyo Arrival

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2010/04/25 14:15 JST in Japan

Arrived back in Tokyo last night after being grounded in Europe for an extra week due to the volcano. After going through a period without any idea when we could get back to Tokyo, everything I see around me that I took for granted looks so different. My surroundings seem to have so much more meaning which makes me appreciate what I have even more.

Posting some photos taken in the past 24 hours at Heathrow airport leading up to arrival at home sweet home.

Heathrow airport lounge.

Not changed much over the 10 years since I moved to Japan.

Yo Yo sushi - not recommended for folks traveling to Japan - wait and have some when you get here instead.

Free electricity but no free Internets. So far the only free airport WiFi I've been able to get is at Hong Kong International airport and Singapore Changi International airport.

The ANA lounge just before boarding. For some reason the flight back to Tokyo was very empty indeed - most economy passengers were able to get 3 seats to themselves. Business passengers had each row to themselves too. Thought there was going to be a mad rush of stranded passengers trying to make their way home which was suggested by us being put on a waiting list for empty seats.

This is the small plane that's going to get us back to Japan.

The helmet alone gets a load of stares ^^;

Aircraft queuing up to take off.

Evening over London.

Flight was about 11 hours.

Couldn't identify any of the towns I saw from the window.

Tried to work on the plane for a bit but became incredibly sleepy after a strong cuppa coffee - that stuff supposed to keep one awake? ^^;

Flying over the land of the rising sun.

ANA (All Nippon Airways) treated us well and done everything to accommodate our case from wanting to change the departure from Paris to London.

Usually head for sushi when we first get back to Japan but on our way we got a whiff of ramen and decided to go for that instead. Is there anything in particular you want to eat as soon as you land back home after being away for a while?

Was away for only 3 weeks and saw quite a few new shops here n there!

Filling up on some groceries.

A few night shots with the Lumix GF1.

Back in the office to clean up. The girls were lying on the desk so that they don't fall flat on their face in the event of an earthquake ^^;

The new Rollerblades we picked up - wifey got hers for free ^^;

Much larger wheels which are spread out longer than my green pair - get faster speeds but need getting used to turning.

The girls fit in the new Kipling carry-on that we picked up in Paris.

Also picked up a carry-on for the armor too - everything apart from the helmet fits inside. The chin strap is used to secure the helmet to the handle on top.

Some British food to last us for the next few days ^^;

A few samples jump up to welcome us home ^^;

The office nice n tidy ready for some serious work.

Got a load to catchup on before I head for Malaysia mid May.