Tokyo Girls Style

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2010/06/26 21:52 JST in Japan

Another young Japanese girl group with some cool tunes to shake your funky thang to - Tokyo Girls Style on the Avex label.
The remix below of the tune "Kirari" was made by Kevin which I kinda prefer over the original. I also have a kinda feeling that the video will be removed after the view count goes up ^^;

And the original below - which do you prefer?

Ah, just dug up the "Making of Kirari" below.

Love their tune "Onaji Kimochi" below.

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And here are the members from left to right:-
Ayano Konishi (小西彩乃)
Miyu Yamabe (山邊未夢) (group leader)
Hitomi Arai (新井ひとみ)
Yuri Nakae (中江友梨)
Mei Shyoji (庄司芽生)

If you like em then you can keep up with their shenanigans at their burogu.

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