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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2010/02/15 21:14 JST in Japan

Giveaway involved so read on if you like free stuff ^o^

As mentioned last November, we are working with Internet entrepreneur Ejovi and the Japan Times to launch a Tokyo portal called Tokyo.JapanTimes. The portal is not officially announced yet and there are a few things that we need to tidy around the edges but thought I'd let you have a look at it first - just keep it a secret between you and me ^^;

Tokyo.JapanTimes is a CGM (Consumer Generated Media) powered platform which empowers the user to share their Tokyo experiences with other like minded folks who love Tokyo. This means that anybody can go along to Tokyo.JapanTimes and start submitting content related to Tokyo. Start by signing up here.

By sharing your content with others, not only do you help increase your online brand, you also get to meet like minded folks who enjoy the same subjects which leads to new friendship and opportunities.

If you have been to Tokyo and got a load of gorgeous photos to share then please use Tokyo.JapanTimes as a place to connect with others - you would be surprised at who you will end up connecting with ^o^
Folks considering visiting or living in Tokyo should also find the information and photos useful as its written by folks who have actually experienced Tokyo - you can then connect with the author of the post and ask questions too.

Going to take a look at some of the photos uploaded to Tokyo.JapanTimes so far as we continue the dialog.

Am extremely humbled to be working with such a huge Japanese brand name who join my other clients Good Smile Company, Cospa and Kotobukiya in using Mirai Gaia. Looks like we got more brand names launching just around the corner too ^o^/

By having a look at the top page of Tokyo.JapanTimes, you will immediately notice the high quality of the photos. There are many Tokyo lifestyle portals and launching just another one was not what we wanted to do. I love photos and believe that gorgeous photos make a difference. Tokyo.JapanTimes makes a difference in displaying your photos in a large 930px wide format.

Most of the other Japan portal sites out there are doing the same thing by asking users to contribute their content. But the way they do that is by asking you to first submit your stuff in an emai with images attached. If they like your content then they will then copy n paste your blurb into their CMS and sort out the photos for the post.

This is how things may have been done 15 years ago but in a day and age of social media, users should be empowered to upload and manage their own content which means less time needed by Tokyo.JapanTimes to prepare the content.

So what happens to folks who register just to post spam? Well just like, the content submitted by first timers goes into a queue which is not visible by others. We then have folks who look at the queue from time to time and can approve each post to appear on the top page. We also have a tool that can approve a user where their posts will be promoted to the top page automatically.

Mirai Gaia is a platform that's also packed with social media tools. For example, photos submitted by users are automatically pushed to the Tokyo.JapanTimes Flickr account. Links to Flickr are then automatically created driving traffic to Flickr. Photos that are automatically uploaded to Flickr contain a link back to the original post which drives traffic back to Tokyo.JapanTimes.
Before all users signup, they agree that the content they submit is Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5

I will soon turn on the Upload Via Email functionality and you will soon also be able to upload via an iPhone app.

Tokyo.JapanTimes will officially launch next week and I would love to see your Tokyo experiences on the site before launch. I know that many of you are handy with the SLR - would be a great place to profile your work. Apart from the giveaway, folks who submit exceptional content will be contracted to write for us too.

We are working with White Rabbit Press to bring you some coolsome goodies - the following will be dished out at random to folks who submit their story at Tokyo.JapanTimes. It can be as simple as "some photos taken at Ikebukuro one night." Do submit as many photos as you want - the more the merrier. You can also post multiple times too. Should be focused on Tokyo though.

The platform is fully search engine optimized meaning that people will easily discover your post on Tokyo.JapanTimes - which then should drive traffic to your site.

Up for grabs are 1 x 200 USD Gift Certificate to use on White Rabbit Press which you can use on anything including getting yourself an electronic Japanese-English dictionary.

Also up for grabs are the following:-

  • 3 x Prize pack 1: Tokyo Realtime Akihabara + Kabukicho tours as a set
  • 2 x Prize pack 2: Kanji Flashcards Volume 1 + Kabukicho tour as a set
  • 2 x Prize pack 3: Kana flashcards + Kabukicho tour as a set
  • 2 x Prize 4: Huge (A0) kanji poster

You can see a photo of some of the kanji goodies in the Learning Japanese post. The Realtime Akihabara tour is an MP3 guide which you listen to while looking at a map. You will also hear a few words from me in the guide too ^^;
Some more blurb from White Rabbit Press below.
White Rabbit Press is delighted to support the launch of Tokyo.JapanTimes, and looks forward to seeing the community grow and conversation flourish. Members of the White Rabbit team will be actively participating, sharing photographs and stories from the city we call home.

About White Rabbit Press
With customers in over 80 countries, Tokyo-based White Rabbit Press is a leading producer and exporter of a wide range of products for Japanese language learners.

White Rabbit Press is also producing a series of audio guided tours for Tokyo neighborhoods. With the recent release of "Tokyo Realtime: Akihabara" White Rabbit Press continues to help make Japanese language and culture more accessible to the world.

White Rabbit Press also operates a special-order service capable of shipping any product in Japan to any destination in the world.

All you need to do is to start posting your stuff up at Tokyo.JapanTimes. The Japan Times will then choose 12 posts for the prize packs voucher. Winners will be contacted directly by JapanTimes.

Any why 12? Because we also got two free dinners at Arossa - one in Shibuya, one in Ginza to giveaway too ^^

And to celebrate the launch of Tokyo.JapanTimes, there will be a party at Curtain Call in Roppongi from 19:30PM - 23PM. *Everyone* is invited! And who is everyone?

Come along to mingle and network with other like minded folks who love Tokyo. Meet new friends and make business deals.
Address as follows:-
東京都港区六本木6-10-2 六本木ヒルズけやき坂コンプレックス内 (Map)

Its free to get in and all you have to remember is that is a no-smoking and no-rowdy-shenanigans event.
You need to RSVP at the event page below though.

We expect a few hundred people to attend who will also get to look at some of the exceptional photos that you will be posting on Tokyo.JapanTimes - we will have projectors screening your work with a credit.
Awaiting to see your posts and see you next week Thursday!

Photos in this post contributed by the following folks - go to Tokyo.JapanTimes to see more of their cool pics.

Also, you can stay connected with whats going on at Tokyo.JapanTimes through one of the following resources too.