Tokyo Marathon Live

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2010/02/27 16:12 JST in Japan

The 2010 Tokyo Marathon takes place tomorrow and if you want to see it live then there is no better place than from the forehead of Joseph Tame who will be running tomorrow. Joseph will be streaming his run from an iPhone strapped to his head and from the miniature cameras implanted in Nendoroid Mio.

All the details you need about Josephs run lives here and you should keep an eye on Joseph's and Steve Nagata's Twitter for the location of the broadcast.

Anything that you tweet with the tag #tm2010 will be automatically read into Josephs ear as he runs so if you see him struggling then you should inject some energy into him by chanting " Oppai Oppai Oppai!"

James may also have my AR.Drone streaming from the built in camera?!