Tokyo Old Photos

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2009/07/22 14:56 JST in Japan

A set of incredible old Tokyo Photos stumbled on at Mainichi. These photos are from the 60's and I thought I'd pluck some and compare to present day with my photos - do a search for shibuya on or go to the Wallpaper Pool to find some.
The photo below below is the present day version of the above photo

To discover more photos, get along to Mainichi and you will find this map of the 60's. On the left of the photo is a slider...

Slide the knob down and you will be presented with a present day map. You can adjust the knob to "travel through time."

Below is where the 246 over pass currently is.

Below is the overpass as it is today.

Below - Shibuya station at Hachiko.

Below - present day.

Below - Shibuya Dogenzaka.

Below - present day Dogenzaka is patrolled by the Empire. Who would have ever thought eh?

Below - I think this is the South bus terminal at Shibuya...

Which looks like this present day.

Found this on the map but cant remember where it is.

More Shibuya.

Present day.

Absolutely love old photos and will probably pick up a book or two from Amazon. Tough to find online though.
Update - Shibuya 246 has some pics taken at a gallery with old photos on display at Mark City Shibuya.