Tora Kigurumi

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2014/11/27 16:20 JST in Doll

Looks like our Kizuna-chan is about to clap her grubby mitts on the snacks again ^^

Update: ACK! Looks like all pre-order slots are taken ><
Never fear cos email is here so send mail to and let her know you want one and she will stick you in the queue.

The Mirai Tora Kigurumi for Smart Doll is ready! But in limited made-to-order quantities by Smart Doll tailor I kinda like it with the zip done halfway up...

...but if you prefer your girls fully protected from evil then you can zip em up too. will be taking a limited amount of orders for the Tora Kigurumi on her website and will cost 300 USD each.

They are a wee bit pricy but me reckons they are worth it as they are all made to order meaning that you can be sure that each one will be made with quality in mind. The Kigurimi that she sells will also come with this Tora T-shirt too.

The Kigurimi is based on the Japanese learning deck of cards called Moekana which is now in its second edition.

The Kigurumi has a hole stitched into the back to enable owners to attach Smart Doll stands. The Smart Air Stand will be available in December.

The Kigurumi that makes has our official Mirai apparel label on the inside too.

Snapped with when she came over to Japan recently ^o^

Before you decide to purchase however, you should know that I intend to mass produce these Kigurumi in the future and depending on my unit cost, I could end up pricing a lot lower than what is charging due to the large quantity that I would order from a vendor.

Mass producing a product takes a long time to ramp up however so my Kigurumi could take anything from 4 months to a year due to the time needed to train vendors to work with our quality standards.

If however you want your Kigurumi now then I think its worth paying the extra for the made to order quality. Depending on when you get your order in, she can ship as soon as mid Jan 2015.
Get yours now!

And if you are interested in the actual Smart Doll read about it here and reserve yours here.

I'm going to leave you with photos of Mirai and Kizuna while I dash off to my next appointment ><

For those who are wondering, "Tora" means "tiger" and "Kigurumi" means "costume."

Oh, these photos are all full HD at 1920px x 1080px so may make decent wallpaper for some of you.